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2016 NBA Mock Draft 2.0

2016 NBA Mock Draft 2.0

The NBA draft is coming up very quickly. On June 23, the Philadelphia 76ers will be picking first in New York. Leading up to the draft, it appears that Ben Simmons was a lock as the first overall pick. In recent weeks, Brandon Ingram has slowly moved into the discussion. Which will Philadelphia select? Let’s find out!

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2013 Draft Grades Three Seasons Later

Here are my draft grades for the 2013 draft. This came along slowly mostly because they are still on their rookie contracts and its harder to see which ones teams see as the future and ones who they are just a depth guy. Undrafted free agents are not included. All information was obtained from NFL 2013 Draft Tracker. You can compare the instant analysis grades minutes after the draft here to the real grades typed out below.

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We are proud to announce Riley Christensen as our newest contributor. Riley is a big basketball fan along with being a movie nerd. He will give our readers great material on the NBA and NCAA but especially Big Ten basketball. During the slow weeks look for movie reviews, episode summaries, and Calculus 4 problems.

Madden 17 Wish List

It’s almost that time of year again. Just kidding, it’s like four months away. Either way, according to Fox Sports, Madden 17 is set to release on August 23. Also, they will be releasing a trailer this upcoming Thursday along with the cover athlete. After playing Madden 16 for the last eight months, I think that this game was a success. After playing Madden 25 and Madden 15, something needed to be changed. I love Madden 16 and I could (and do) play it all day. Does that mean it’s perfect? No. There are many changes that could make Madden better. That is why we are here. I am making a list of things that should be added/changed in Madden 17. Let’s get started!

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Some Other Sport News

I feel our site is getting pretty heavily directed into football with a splash of basketball so heres some other sports (yea there are others you hermits, get off the computer and go do something. After you read all of our posts of course).

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Draft Grades

Draft grades are so pointless. How many people can see into the future to see which guy is a bust? Seriously. Let me know and give me this person’s contact information because I need to win the lottery. In all reality every team should walk away thinking they aced the draft otherwise there would be a lot of GMs and scouts looking for jobs now. Ill say that in my opinion some teams got better value but again I am judging that off of my big board which is different from everyone else’s big board.

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How Well Did We Predict?

As the draft has close, we would like to show our readers how well we did predicting the NFL draft’s first round. We will show you our results and compare to some of the better known “experts”.

I came across another writer who I thought had a great grading scale.

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