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Way-Too-Early 2018 NFL Mock Draft

Similar to last year, I will post my Way-Too-Early Mock Draft one year prior to the start of the actual draft. I think its fun to look back and see how well I predicted the draft from 365 days ago. Looking at this draft, it seems to be a very solid QB class. Right now, it looks like a 3-man race between Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, and Josh Rosen to be the top quarterback selected. Like always, the team positions were thrown together quickly based off how I think each team will do. Enjoy!

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2017 NFL Draft Grades

2017 NFL Draft Grades

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2017 NFL Mock Draft 4.0 (FINAL MOCK!)

This is my 4th edition of the 2017 NFL Mock Draft. Looking in to this draft, I think it is going to be a crazy night. Myles Garrett isn’t even a lock at number one. If that doesn’t convince you that it will be an unpredictable night, I don’t know what will. I will most my final mock, predictions for tonight, and other predictions from this draft class. Thanks to everyone who visited our page during the mock season and we look forward to the 2018 NFL Draft!

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Tom’s Mock Drafts

Here all all four of my mock drafts including one that I limited myself 10 minutes to fill out as a last second gut feeling pick as they fall draft. Enjoy Continue reading →

Tom’s Mock Draft 3.0

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