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2018 NFL Mock Draft 1.0

Hello MackMillBlog readers! Welcome back to our blog! It has been a very busy year for Tom and I, and as a result, we have not been very active on this site. But, as always, we start to dive in when draft season approaches. Thus, this is my first mock draft of the year. With the season coming to a close last week, the Browns again have the top pick in the draft. It seems that the Browns are without a doubt going to select a QB, but we never know with that organization. They should have several options, with the familiar names of Josh Rosen, Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield, Lamar Jackson, and Josh Allen all likely to be available. This draft looks like it has several players with star potential and we are excited to begin mock draft season. This is my first mock draft, so things are likely to change. Picks 20-32 are randomized, and will be finalized after the Super Bowl. Let’s begin!

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Way-Too-Early 2018 NFL Mock Draft

Similar to last year, I will post my Way-Too-Early Mock Draft one year prior to the start of the actual draft. I think its fun to look back and see how well I predicted the draft from 365 days ago. Looking at this draft, it seems to be a very solid QB class. Right now, it looks like a 3-man race between Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, and Josh Rosen to be the top quarterback selected. Like always, the team positions were thrown together quickly based off how I think each team will do. Enjoy!

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2017 NFL Mock Draft 4.0 (FINAL MOCK!)

This is my 4th edition of the 2017 NFL Mock Draft. Looking in to this draft, I think it is going to be a crazy night. Myles Garrett isn’t even a lock at number one. If that doesn’t convince you that it will be an unpredictable night, I don’t know what will. I will most my final mock, predictions for tonight, and other predictions from this draft class. Thanks to everyone who visited our page during the mock season and we look forward to the 2018 NFL Draft!

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Tom’s Mock Drafts

Here all all four of my mock drafts including one that I limited myself 10 minutes to fill out as a last second gut feeling pick as they fall draft. Enjoy Continue reading →

Tom’s Mock Draft 3.0

Here is my third mock draft with 3 weeks until the draft! Continue reading →

2017 NFL Mock Draft 3.0

After the NFL combine and a week of Free Agency, I decided to release my 3rd NFL mock draft of the year. There are a few new faces in the list, but many of the early selections remained unchanged. Again, we will get a better feel for team needs and interest of players as we get closer to the draft, but for now, I made picks based off what I think will happen. Let’s dive in!

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2014 NFL Draft Grades – 3 years later

It has now been 3 years since the 2014 NFL draft occurred. Because of this, I will go back and grade each pick in the 1st round. I will also incorporate my 2014 grades/analysis for each selection. It will be interesting to compare my previous thoughts to how these players have turned out.

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NFL Free Agent Tracker and Grades

I will be updating the list of prominent free agent signings as information comes available and as time permits.  Continue reading →

Tom’s Mock Draft 2.0

Here goes my second try at predicting one of the most unpredictable events in the NFL. In the link here, you can see my first draft along with my thought process of selecting for these teams.

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2017 NFL Mock Draft 2.0

With the New England Patriots claiming the title as Super Bowl 51 champions, the NFL season has officially come to an end. With this being the case, the NFL offseason is on our way. This is my second mock draft of the offseason. I will post my third version at the beginning of next month.

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