Madden 17 Wish List

It’s almost that time of year again. Just kidding, it’s like four months away. Either way, according to Fox Sports, Madden 17 is set to release on August 23. Also, they will be releasing a trailer this upcoming Thursday along with the cover athlete. After playing Madden 16 for the last eight months, I think that this game was a success. After playing Madden 25 and Madden 15, something needed to be changed. I love Madden 16 and I could (and do) play it all day. Does that mean it’s perfect? No. There are many changes that could make Madden better. That is why we are here. I am making a list of things that should be added/changed in Madden 17. Let’s get started!

First Wish: Add an NFL Combine. This is something that Madden finally added on Madden 16. They allowed us to view draft statistics following each player’s combine. This was a major upgrade during the draft because it gave us a good idea on how athletic each player was. While this was a good change, I think we should take it one step further. An active NFL Combine would be awesome. This would be interesting for Coach/Owner Mode as we could watch numerous drills. On Career Mode for an individual player, this would be awesome. being able to participate in a combine would be so much fun. I think they had something like this on a previous NCAA Football or Madden. Either way, with today’s upgrades on the newer systems, this would be a awesome change.

Second Wish: Change the Commentary. I could honestly talk all day about how bad this is on Madden 16. Phil Simms and Jim Nantz repeating the same sentences over and over again. This seriously needs to be fixed. These commentators have no idea what is going on during the game. They should at least comment on the in-game situations as we progress through the quarters. They have no clue to what is going on. To go along with this, I think they should add different commentating crews. For example, Monday night games should have Jon Gruden and the recently added Sean McDonough, per ESPN. I think this be much less annoying if we didn’t hear the same expressions and the commentating crews were mixed up a little bit.

Third Wish: Fix Unrealistic Gameplay. This might be the most annoying by far. The first gameplay scenario that absolutely needs to be fixed is when quarterbacks throw the ball one yard into the ground as they are being sacked. This happens all the time and is complete B.S. I literally have a sack the opposing quarterback basically drops the ball and it is ruled an incomplete pass. At least call an intentional grounding to move the offense back. A second gameplay scenario that needs to be fixed is the interceptions. The plays I am referring to are when the ball is tipped and the opposing defenses slide on the ground to make the interception. On All-Madden, this happens at least twice a game. It is almost impossible to throw the ball down the field because defenders are constantly sliding to make the play. This happens a few times during the season, at most. These are two of the many unrealistic gameplay scenarios.

Fourth Wish: Customizable Draft Classes. This is very popular in the NBA 2k games. Other players create draft classes that are downloadable to the community. Madden 16 gave players the option to download rosters, playbook, and other settings. Draft classes would allow us to use some of the best college players today. Playing with Deshaun Watson, Leonard Fournette, and Christian McCaffery would be so much fun. This wouldn’t make us worry about NCAA Football games coming back, for now.

Fifth Wish: Coaching Carousel. I loved this feature in NCAA Football 14. Playing as a coach, we could start as an offensive coordinator at a small school and progressively work our way up to larger, more prestigious schools. In Madden, this would be an awesome feature to have following the season. Offensive coordinators for the best teams could be offered head coaching positions by other teams. NCAA Football also had Coaching Trees that helped the team’s players. In Madden, these coaches could have a preference on position that would overall benefit players at the respective position. For example, an offensive coordinator who specializes in coaching wide receivers would result in an increase in the wide receiver’s ratings. I think having the coaches become more involved in the offseason would be a good start.

Sixth Wish: Better Equipment/Uniform Customization. Madden needs to have more options for equipment. Single arm sleeves, tattoos, and more options for each. I think if we had more control on customizations that it would allow us to be much more creative with our players. Secondly, uniforms need some work. We should be able to create and customize our own uniforms. They should also include uniform updates, such as the color rush theme, throughout the season. This would be an awesome upgrade for Madden 17.

Seventh Wish: Get CPU Teams in Franchise Mode More Involved. This bugs me as we play franchises. The CPU teams literally do nothing. We never see any big trades or relocations by the CPU. I want to see teams trading up for the number one pick at the draft or trading away good players for a top 10 selection. Also, wouldn’t it be cool to see CPU teams relocating? Like the Raiders backing their bags and moving to London? This would be an awesome addition for Madden 17. The frequency for trades/relocations by the CPU could be modified as well. I think this is a feature in NBA 2k16. I think it would be cool to have the CPU finally become involved in franchise mode.

Eighth Wish: Playbook Upgrades. This would be huge for Madden 17. For defensive playbooks, we should have different packages, such as a third down, pass rushing package. Also, they should bring back custom plays and Formations. This would be awesome with different motions/route combinations. Within playbooks, we should be able to sub in any player to any position. If I want JJ Watt to sub in to fullback, I should be able to. It would be cool to have different players lining up around the field.

Ninth Wish: Add League History in Franchise Mode. This is really annoying in each of the previous Maddens. A league history for previous seasons needs to be added. It should include Super Bowl winners, Super Bowl MVPs, and Season MVPs. This would be cool to look back and see how the league has changed in a couple seasons. Madden 17 also needs to add an awards/stats list for each player. I want to be able to see how my rookies or young players progress throughout the years. It isn’t a major change, but would make things a lot more clear.

Tenth Wish: Update the Player Development. I don’t mind the player development in Madden 16, but it could use some work. It is nearly impossible to progress a rookie cornerback above an 85 rating. These players get little XP for interceptions and pass deflections, making it hard for them to get much better. Also, cornerbacks should get XP for limiting opposing receivers to little catches, yards, and touchdowns. These players may not have statistics to show, but they are locking down the player they are guarding. For all positions, players should get more XP for breaking records and performing big in the post season. I would have my running back rush for 2000 yards for five consecutive seasons, and was only a 82 overall. If my player passed this milestone so many times, he should get massive amounts of XP to progress. Overall, player progression needs a lot of work to match the production on the field.

Before we know it, Madden 17 will be here. Hopefully, the ideas on this list will become new features on Madden 17. It is annoying to see the same, annoying features on consecutive games that need work. With 2k and other games showing major changes, we only wait for Madden to do the same. Could this be the year that the Madden franchise takes a big leap? We can only hope and wait.


What are your thoughts?

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