How Well Did We Predict?

As the draft has close, we would like to show our readers how well we did predicting the NFL draft’s first round. We will show you our results and compare to some of the better known “experts”.

I came across another writer who I thought had a great grading scale.

Each pick can score between 1 and 4 points.

  • Player drafted in first round = 1 point
  • or player predicted to within +/-3 spots= 2 points
  • or player predicted to within +/-2 spots= 3 points
  • or player matched to correct team = 4 points

Josh’s draft which can be found here and my draft which is right over here.

Josh’s draft scored a 51. I scored a 57. The best possible score this year would have been a 124, so we just missed that mark.

One.Cool.Customer. from Blogging with the Boys, has a table with many other draftniks scores from the same grading scale.

Todd McShay scored a 72 which was the highest they found. Mel Kiper scored a 67. Charlie from Walterfootball scored a 66. Mike Mayok from received a 62.

So some of the powerhouses scored a little better than us. And I beat Josh and take home our first annual Mock Draft Trophy.


What are your thoughts?

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