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2017 NFL Mock Draft 3.0

After the NFL combine and a week of Free Agency, I decided to release my 3rd NFL mock draft of the year. There are a few new faces in the list, but many of the early selections remained unchanged. Again, we will get a better feel for team needs and interest of players as we get closer to the draft, but for now, I made picks based off what I think will happen. Let’s dive in!

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2014 NFL Draft Grades – 3 years later

It has now been 3 years since the 2014 NFL draft occurred. Because of this, I will go back and grade each pick in the 1st round. I will also incorporate my 2014 grades/analysis for each selection. It will be interesting to compare my previous thoughts to how these players have turned out.

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NFL Free Agent Tracker and Grades

I will be updating the list of prominent free agent signings as information comes available and as time permits.  Continue reading →

2017 Salary Cap Analysis

Here is my source for everything cap related for the upcoming year.

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