Some Other Sport News

I feel our site is getting pretty heavily directed into football with a splash of basketball so heres some other sports (yea there are others you hermits, get off the computer and go do something. After you read all of our posts of course).

MLB News

So it sounds that Stephen Strasburg is getting a new deal. I have only seen a few tweets but its looking like 7 year $175 million with some opt outs after 3-4 years when he is 31 I believe. Thats pretty awesome considering he is coming off tommy john. I remember the first time seeing his nasty curve. That was nuts!

Some more Nats news. I guess a lot of people are upset at those darn Cubbies for walking Harper so much. I get it if you do not like the Cubs, but I feel its pretty smart. Why let this guy beat you. Make someone else do it. You’d think in their extra inning game Rizzo, Bryant, or Fowler would have been there hero but they let someone else do it in Baez. Guess Zimmerman just can’t hang.

Jose Reyes gets 80 games. I saw he only loses about 7-8 million out of his 48 million owed to him through next year? I will use this to segway into a big rant…..

My buddy who is also our graphic guy who seems to be taking his time making our logo hint hint. Josh and I go back and forth about PEDs and domestic violence a lot. He’s a huge Yankee fan and hates AROD. We went to a Twins Yanks game a few years ago and he was upset because AROD hit 3 homeruns and won the game. HA! Anyway he had a thought they should void their contract after they get caught with PEDs. I said that could work but what if Tulo wants to play for a contender and the Rockies wont trade him so he gets caught gets an 80 game vacation and picks which contender he wants to be apart of to get his WS ring. I think that once someone gets caught, stats eliminated. You start over. You could make it worse and no more stats and your dollar amount on your contract, done. Keep the years. You signed that bad boy. You got 10 years 275 million and get caught. Well AROD, you wont be cashing those 5 mil paychecks when you pass someone on the HR list and you get to play out the rest for free. Eat that.

Sorry about that guys. Thanks for reading though. Heres some more other sport news.

HOCKEY! Yes! Umm…I do not really watch hockey. I love going to a game and seeing it, pretty awesome. I suppose I am a Blackhawks fan?! I don’t know. Seen some pretty good shots and hits though.


Ehh. Sorry readers, I know I am suppose to bring you tons of sporting news and stuff but I really only watch football and wrestling and INDYCar. I will pick the Spurs just cause I like seeing old guys win shit.


I picked a horse right as they got into the shoot and first of all they start that stuff pretty quick. The last horse got in and bam they went. Second, lotta money goes into those races. I’m not even talking about what it costs to raise and breed and race like drinks and tickets and outfits and betting of course. I’ll take my 18 dollar 30 and head to the river over what ever they charge for drinks. I picked Tom’s Ready just because he had my name. Thats how I bet people. Gut feeling. Really shows since I didn’t win the powerball when it got so high. Ill just stick to my 3 dollar crosswords that give me Q’s and Z’s and J’s and the two vowels I have 1 of when all I NEED IS A FRICKEN L.

Well theres some highlights from sports. Have a great day.

For more contract info either go to Spotrac or OverTheCap those workers there are great.




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