Top 10 Offensive Skill Players of the 2016 NFL Season

With the season wrapping up here in the next couple days, I compiled a list of the offensive skill player rankings from this past year. Comment below if you agree or disagree with my rankings!

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Super Bowl 51 Preview/Predictions

Super Bowl 51 Preview/Predictions

Super Bowl 51 is right around the corner. Nearly two weeks ago, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots tore apart the Pittsburgh Steelers, advancing to their 7th Super Bowl since 2001. Meanwhile, Matt Ryan and the red-hot Atlanta Falcons exposed the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship. Matt Ryan, the likely NFL MVP for the 2016 season, has been playing lights out this season despite recent criticism. Will this game be Tom Brady’s last if he wins, similar to Peyton Manning last year? Or, will Matt Ryan completely change his legacy by beating one of the all-time greats? Both teams have been playing their best in each of their playoff games. Will either team be able to stop the other’s high powered offense? Which team will go home as Super Bowl Champions? Let’s breakdown this game and give our predictions!

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2016 NFL Re-Draft

The 2016 NFL rookie class is filled with future NFL stars. Highlighted by the breakout season of Dak Prescott, this group is filled with Pro Bowlers in just their first year of play. Ezekiel Elliott, Jack Conklin, and Tyreek Hill took their game to the next level and earned spots on the All-Pro NFL team. Due to this group’s early success, it is fitting to re-draft this group after just one season of play. Who will the LA Rams select with their first pick, Dak Prescott or Carson Wentz. Find out who your team is selecting in our 2016 NFL Re-Draft!

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NFL Playoff Predictions

The NFL playoffs kick off this weekend as the Super Bowl champion will soon be crowned. This post will include my predictions leading up to the Super Bowl champion. As I did last year, I will post my week-by-week predictions for games in a different post. Those will include a more in-depth analysis for each game. Let’s get started!

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2017 NFL Mock Draft 1.0

The 2016 NFL regular season has come to a close. Now, we await for the NFL playoffs and the NFL Draft. The Browns finished with the worst record, giving them the first overall selection. Picks 21-32 are subject to change barring results in the playoffs. For now, I quickly placed the teams in based off expeditious selections. This mock will be updated about every month. Lastly, I hope my co-authors of this site post their own mocks.

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