My Pre-Super Bowl Thoughts

Here I am going to highlight my thoughts leading up to the Super Bowl.

1. Brady does it again.

I think it is amazing that someone like Brady is dominating at his current age. It seems we can never count him out. Although I do not want him to tie Charles Haley’s Super Bowl record, it would be cool to see it. I could look back and say I witnessed this greatness.

2. When will Brady hit the wall like Peyton Manning?

We saw it with Manning. We see it in many running backs. It happens to the best players. I wonder if it will ever happen. There is a good chance he will go out on top. He says he wants to play until in his 40’s. I could see that. I do not want to root for the decline. It was sad watching happening to Peyton. I always have a soft spot for when guys call it quit at the right time.

3. Why is there seemingly so little coverage from the Falcons?

Sure, you can say they are a smaller market team. The media has still not gotten over the controversy in New England. Come on though! This team is nuts. This offense is exciting. There was next to no hype or interest during the season. It was all about Rodgers and his family, Dak vs Romo, heck the Bills were stealing headlines!

4. Pro Bowl.

I did not watch much. I saw a few plays and a few videos on twitter. This is a cool event for the players and maybe a fun weekend for the family. Everyone says how it is failing but as recently as 2014 it had higher ratings than most NHL, NBA, MLB games besides some playoffs. Maybe it has to do with being Sunday night and most new seasons have not started yet. I think as long as the NFL is not losing a substantial amount of money than its going to continue with few changes.

5. Media 

I believe it to be an unwritten rule that Super Bowl week is for the Super Bowl. It seems most teams are trying to hold off on any important information. I like this a lot. It should be about the teams who topped their respected conferences. They earned the spot light. I am excited for the week after and all the news that comes pouring out.

I also want to highlight an individual, Mohammed Sanu. With the current political story line, he did not shy away from reporters. He acknowledged that they were doing their jobs and stuck with the football talk. I imagine it is tough for him not to voice his opinion on this matter, but he is being a true professional and I think it should not go unnoticed.


Watch for award and predictions coming out later this week!


What are your thoughts?

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