NFL Playoff Predictions

The NFL playoffs kick off this weekend as the Super Bowl champion will soon be crowned. This post will include my predictions leading up to the Super Bowl champion. As I did last year, I will post my week-by-week predictions for games in a different post. Those will include a more in-depth analysis for each game. Let’s get started!

Wild Card Round:

Oakland Raiders vs Houston Texans – OAK 23-20

Miami Dolphins vs Pittsburgh Steelers – PIT 33-20

Detroit Lions vs Seattle Seahawks – SEA 27-16

New York Giants vs Green Bay Packers – GB 26-23

Divisional Round:

Oakland Raiders vs New England Patriots – NE 34-10

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Kansas City Chiefs – KC 27-24

Seattle Seahawks vs Atlanta Falcons – SEA 30-25

Green Bay Packers vs Dallas Cowboys GB 24-20

Conference Championships Round:

Seattle Seahawks vs Green Bay Packers – GB 20-17

Kansas City Chiefs vs New England Patriots – KC 26-20

Super Bowl:

Kansas City Chiefs vs Green Bay Packers – GB 31-28

MVP: Aaron Rodgers


What are your thoughts?

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