Tom’s BOLD Predictions for the 2016 NFL season

With kickoff for the 2016 season tonight here is my start to the NFL season with my BOLD predictions.

  1. Norv Turner works his QB coaching magic and makes Sam Bradford a statistical top 10 QB. Bradford finally gets a run game paired with a defense along with an offense that has resources spent on the WR position and oline.
  2. Seattle misses the playoffs for the first time in the Russell Wilson Era. Arizona rises to the top of the NFC West early and for good due to Bruce Arians finding a way for David Johnson and Co to tear apart the legion of doom. Along with disregard to the offense line from the Seahawk front office look for regression across the offense board.
  3. Tyrod Taylor leads the AFC in QBR. Tyrod is in his second, and more confident year as a starter with a Bills team that put offense first this offseason. Buffalo solidified the offense line and running back corps to help make Tyrod more efficient.
  4. Drew Brees has more INTs than TDs this year. There is not too much hype from New Orleans this year. All their eggs are in their QB basket and there was not enough resources to pass around the field a team for Mr. Brees.
  5. Dallas Cowboys have two 1,000 yard rushers in Elliot and Morris. This team boasts one of the best offenses even without Romo for an extended period of time. Do not look for Elliot to have 394 carries like Murray did. The Cowboys care about this running back for the long term. Morris is back to prove himself as the All-Pro running back from 2012.
  6. Roberto Aguayo is replaced midseason. They spent a second round pick on a kicker. The Bucs are saying make field goals and if not the city will bury you.
  7. Chip Kelly is back coaching NCAA before the Super Bowl. Chip has already burned one franchise. This will be his second. The 49ers will not wait. He will be fired and hired soon after by a college team.
  8. The top two picks will combine for 8 wins. Wentz is expected to start right away. His supporting cast including defense will lose him many games. Fischer is an 8-8 coach and is adamant about sitting Goff. Their years will not look pretty.



What are your thoughts?

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