April Fool’s Mock Draft

APRIL FOOLS!!! I hope everyone is having fun on this day. Since it is draft season, it is only fitting that we make an April Fools Mock Draft to have a little fun. While all of these picks are very unlikely, it doesn’t hurt to play around on this holiday. I hope everyone enjoys our first ever April Fools Mock Draft! Tennessee, you are on the clock!!!!


1. Tennessee Titans: Oilers, Name, Houston

The titans elect to bring back their old name of the Oilers. They also contemplate of moving back to Houston. What does Tennessee have to offer?

2. Cleveland Browns: LeBron James, SF, Cleveland Cavaliers

The Browns decide it is time to finally bring LeBron into the NFL. Can The King bring a title to his city in a different sport?

3. San Diego Chargers: Los Angeles, City, LA

The Chargers draft the city of Los Angeles. They feel it is time to make the switch and make good use of this draft pick.

4. Dallas Cowboys: Adrian Peterson, RB, Minnesota Vikings

Everyone in the NFL wants to see it: the best RB with the best line. Can AP surpass 2,500 yards?

5. Jacksonville Jaguars: Jalen Ramsey, CB, Florida State

Finally, the first rookie off the board. The Jaguars benefit in a major way with the best player dropping all the way to number 5.

6. Baltimore Ravens: Ray Lewis, LB, Retirement Home

The Ravens bring back one of the best LBs to play the game. Can the NFL rig another Super Bowl win for the city of Baltimore?

7. San Francisco 49ers: 2012 Roster, Every position, United States

What happened to the Niners? Their stacked team from the 2012 NFC Champions literally disappeared. Can they rebound in 2016 with their team back?

8. Philadelphia Eagles: DeMarco Murray, RB, Tennessee Titans

The Eagles decide to give it one more go with Murray as their RB. I mean, why wouldn’t they draft a player who previously played for Dallas?

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Joey Bosa, DE, Ohio State

The Bucs wanted Bosa to fall and got him. Thank God this is one of the crazier drafts.

10: New York Giants: David Tyree, WR, Unknown

The Giants feel it is time to bring back a player who made one of the best catches in the history of football. With Tyree back, OBJ will finally not be double covered each play.

11. Chicago Bears: Rex Grossman, QB, Free Agents

The Bears make news from drafting a QB that helped them win the NFC Championship almost 10 years ago. Can he beat out Cutler for the starting job?

12. New Orleans Saints: Jimmy Graham, TE, Seattle Seahawks

Drew Brees needs some help from his old friend. Graham is also rumored to play defense as well.

13. Miami Dolphins: 1972 Team Roster, All Positions, Who Knows

This roster could seriously help the Dolphins contend for an AFC East title.

14. Oakland Raiders: Keith Marshall, RB, Georgia

I MEAN HE RAN A 4.31 40 YD DASH!!!!

15. Los Angeles Rams: St. Louis, City, St. Louis

With the Chargers moving to LA, the Rams decide to leave ASAP. Going back to St. Louis seems like the best fit and the fans are overjoyed.

16. Detroit Lions: Calvin Johnson, WR, Retired

Just when Calvin thought he was out, the Lions re-draft him. Time will only tell until he retires again.

17. Atlanta Falcons: Michael Vick, QB, Pittsburgh Steelers

With Matt Ryan playing terrible and the rest of the team sucking, the Falcons have no other choice to bring Vick back. I mean he has a 95 speed rating on Madden 04, how could you go wrong with that?
18. Indianapolis Colts: Laremy Tunsil, OT, Ole Miss

The Colts are so in need to protecting Luck. After 150+ times being sacked in his career, the Colts have no choice.

19. Buffalo Bills: Terry Tate (Office Linebacker), LB, Felcher & Sons

With a need at LB, the Bills will be looking for a stud. With Terry Tate on the board at the end of the first round, he is an easy pick. He has been knocking people around in the office for years and is ready to prove it on the field.

20. New York Jets: Tim Tebow, QB/LB/WR/TE/LT, Houston Texans:

The Jets take Tebow. The team regrets letting Tebow go a few years back, and will use him strictly in the wild cat. Todd Bowles was interviewed after the selection, saying he didn’t get Tebow for the attention, but for the sole purpose of winning football games. (After the camera was shut off, Bowles ran over to quarterback Geno Smith and hugged him.)

21. Washington Redskins: New Name, Nowhere, Unknown

The Redskins elect to get a new name that will be announced later this year.

22. Houston Texans: Jamarcus Russell, QB/LB, KFC/McDonalds

There’s no denying that Houston needs a QB. The Texans roll the dice and pick up former 1st overall pick JaMarcus Russell. Will he redeem himself this time around?

23. Minnesota Vikings: Dallas’s Oline, OL, Dallas Cowboys

After the Cowboys took away AP, the Vikings respond by drafting every lineman on the Cowboys roster. Oh wait, the Vikings don’t have a RB…

24. Cincinnati Bengals: Carson Palmer, QB, Arizona Cardinals

While Andy Dalton has failed yet again to win in the postseason, the Bengals bring back Carson Palmer. Palmer recently got his first career win in the playoffs and will hope to do the same for his former team.
25. Pittsburgh Steelers: Vernon Hargreaves/Mackenzie Alexander/Eli Apple, CBs, Florida/Clemson/Ohio State

The Steelers make history by drafting 3 players with one pick. Finally, the Steelers will have a secondary and be back in the Super Bowl.
26. Seattle Seahawks: Shaun Alexander, RB, Alabama

After the retirement of Marshawn Lynch, the Seahawks bring back legend Shaun Alexander. Will they give HIM the ball at the 1 yard line?
27. Green Bay Packers: Dylan Favre, QB, Cedar Rapids Titans

Just when everyone thought Aaron Rodgers was the best in the NFL, the Packers shock the world and draft the nephew of former QB Brett Favre. Will Dylan pan out and be as good as his uncle?

28.San Diego Chargers: Manti Te’o, LB, San Diego Chargers

TRADE ALERT: Most NFL experts and fans question why the Chargers draft a player already on their roster, but picking him again, this time in the first round, will lock him up for good in the future.
29. Arizona Cardinals: Kurt Warner, QB, Hy-Vee

Athletic player? Tremendous arm? Great footwork? The Cardinals refuse to play mediocre football any longer. Without Palmer any longer, Warner not only will bring them back to the Super Bowl, but will also help to run Hy-Vee out of business. #FarewayForLife
30. Carolina Panthers: Leonard Fournette, RB, LSU

The Panthers pick the 5 star RB Fournette without any question. Taking a 20 year old running back to replace overrated backs Williams and Stewart will help clear up some cap room to pay Cam 50 million in a couple years. Though LSU is losing the #1 recruit, the Panthers have offered to pay Les Miles 2.3 million over the next 2 years. Miles will use this money to buy Tyrann Mathieu back to school.
31. Denver Broncos: Brett Favre, Offensive Coordinator/QB/LB/Jobless, Southern Miss

With terrible play at QB in the Super Bowl, the Broncos see no reason to bring a legend into their team. Adding Favre, the Broncos would have 3 HOF quarterbacks (Elway, Manning, and Favre). Moving Manning to coach will also boost the team.

32. New England Patriots:  Roger Goodell, Owner/GM/Coach/FB, NFL

TRADE ALERT: The Patriots trade up and somehow get the last pick of the 1st round. They also steal NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Will this prevent NE from getting caught cheating the next time?





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