Predicting the NFL Combine Stock Risers


The NFL Combine kicks off on Friday as these athletes begin to compete in order to improve their draft stock. Each year, several players improve their stock while others may hurt their stock. These former college stars are going to do their best to show their athletic ability and potential at the next level. Which players are going to move up the board leading t0 the draft? Let’s find out!

NFL Combine Risers:

Paxton Lynch, QB, Memphis

A couple months ago, Paxton Lynch was a favorite as the first overall pick of the draft. He has a big frame and a strong arm. Right now, Lynch is the number 3 quarterback on most big boards. Also, his poor performance in his final game at Memphis didn’t help his case. Going into the combine, Lynch will get to show off his arm strength and his versatility. His big frame shows his potential, which will get scouts excited. If Lynch performs well, he can be back in the conversation of Jared Goff and Carson Wentz as the first pick, making this draft even more interesting.

Corey Coleman, WR, Baylor

The more I watch Corey Coleman, the more and more impressed I get. Although he is listed at only 5’11”, he has one of the highest verticals of the athletes competing in Indianapolis. He is very fast and has some of the best hands in all of college football last season. He is able to go up and compete for catches, as shown by his 20 receiving touchdowns in 2015. I think Coleman will solidify himself as the best receiver in this class come the draft. I think with his athletic ability, he will translate very well to the NFL.

Andrew Billings, DT, Baylor

Another Baylor player here on the list, Andrew Billings is a beast. Three years ago, Billings broke a record set by Mark Henry for the most combined weight lifted in the bench press, squat, and deadlift. Billings is one of the strongest men competing the draft, and he will hope to put up the most reps in the bench press competition. Last season, Billings was one of the best run stoppers in the country. Using his unique strength, he was able to dominate the trenches. After the combine, Billings may rise as one of the best defensive tackles in the draft.

Jalen Ramsey, CB/S, Florida State

Right now, Jalen Ramsey is the highest ranked player on my board. He is also one of the most athletic players in all of the combine. Last year, we saw Byron Jones shatter many records, and Ramsey may be putting up similar numbers. Ramsey is a unique player that can play all over the defensive secondary. This makes him a hot pick in the NFL Draft. I expect Ramsey to be in the top 3 of all the defensive backs in each competition. This will improve his stock even more, making him almost a lock as a top 5 pick.

Braxton Miller, WR, Ohio State

Braxton Miller is a hit or miss player. After making the transition to the wide receiver position last year at Ohio State, Miller excelled very well. He had a solid Senior Bowl and is continuing to rise up the draft boards. After playing all over the Ohio State offense throughout his career, it displays his capability to convert to the NFL. He will be one of the fastest players at the combine and will be competitive in other events. With only one year of experience and already showing a lot of good signs, Miller has a lot of room to improve. Come the draft, Miller very well could be a mid to late first round selection.


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