Way-Too-Early 2016 NFL Power Rankings

Next season, I hope to make weekly Power Rankings of the NFL teams. Before I make my preseason rankings, I thought I would make some very early rankings before the offseason even starts. Coming off a Super Bowl 50 win, will the Broncos be number 1? Let’s find out!

Way-Too-Early 2016 NFL Power Rankings

Rank Prev Team Rec* +/- Note
1. NR Carolina Panthers 15-1 0 Return Cam and very, very good defense
2. NR New England Patriots 12-4 0 Because they have Tom Brady
3. NR Pittsburgh Steelers 10-6 0 Bell, Ben, and offense will be healthy in 2016
4. NR Arizona Cardinals 13-3 0 Palmer and company looking for better finish of season
5. NR Seattle Seahawks 10-6 0 Lose many linemen and Beast Mode, but return Wilson
6. NR Denver Broncos 12-4 0 Best defense in the NFL, QB is major question
7. NR Green Bay Packers 10-6 0 Rodgers gets his weapons back on offense
8. NR Cincinnati Bengals 12-4 0 Look to end their long losing streak in postseason
9. NR Minnesota Vikings 11-5 0 Defense is solid, still have AP
10. NR Dallas Cowboys 4-12 0 Romo/Dez will be healthy for the full season
11. NR Indianapolis Colts 8-8 0 Luck returns, need help on defense
12. NR Kansas City Chiefs 11-5 0 Look to compete against Denver for the division
13. NR Houston Texans 9-7 0 Watt/Defense are great, need a QB
14. NR Washington Redskins 9-7 0 Need to re-sign Cousins this offseason
15. NR New York Jets 10-6 0 Defense is solid and just missed postseason in 2015
16. NR Oakland Raiders 7-9 0 Carr/Cooper are very scary when healthy
17. NR Atlanta Falcons 8-8 0 Julio Jones is one of the best WRs in the game
18. NR Jacksonville Jaguars 5-11 0 Bortles improved, defense needs help
19 NR Buffalo Bills 8-8 0 Solid season in 2015, look to get over hump this year
20. NR Los Angeles Rams 7-9 0 Several questions on their offense
21. NR Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6-10 0 Winston is great, looks for better 2016
22. NR Detroit Lions 7-9 0 Lose Calvin Johnson, which will hurt them
23. NR Philadelphia Eagles 7-9 0 This roster has too many questions (Including QB)
24. NR Baltimore Ravens 5-11 0 Flacco is back, need more offensive weapons
25. NR Miami Dolphins 6-10 0 New coach will help Tannehill out tremendously
26. NR New Orleans Saints 7-9 0 Terrible defense, still have Brees
27. NR San Diego Chargers 4-12 0 A lot of work is needed on this team
28. NR Tennessee Titans 3-13 0 Mariota is solid, need to protect him better
29. NR San Francisco 49ers 5-11 0 Lost too many key players in last 2 seasons
30. NR New York Giants 6-10 0 One of the worst defenses in the NFL
31. NR Chicago Bears 6-10 0 Lost Off Cord, Cutler will struggle
32. NR Cleveland Browns 3-13 0 Way too many unanswered questions for this team


*Records reflect 2015 NFL season


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