Weekly Round-Up – Feb. 7th, 2016

1. Super Bowl Thoughts

Tom: WHAT A GAME! I loved it. DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS. I could have been better with some more offense but it was great seeing defensive play after play. Von, Wolfe, Ware everyone was going above and beyond for Denver. Carolina had a heck of a defensive performance as well, mostly overshadowed by the turnovers on offense and Cam being Cam. Congrats to Peyton for riding that defense. Congrats to Ware for finally getting his ring. Congrats for that front office for going and getting all those guys. One thing I think is unfair is everyone’s reaction to Cam. Who cares what he was thinking on that fumble. Either idea is a good shot in the dark, play the bounce or not get hurt oh well. Yes he was a little more flamboyant with his reactions and everything but still he played at a high level this year. He made it to the Super Bowl. He probably could have handled it better but oh well. His press conference was bullshit. What else is he suppose to say? Obviously he feels terrible they lost. Let him get along with his day and go interview the coach.

Josh: This game was every bit of what I expected. Defense, defense, and defense. Boy, wasn’t Denver’s playing on a different level? They could make a serious case as one of the best ever. They held Cam to just 10 points after he lit up the scoreboard with 49 in the NFC Championship. Both Denver touchdowns were basically scored by the defense (They actually scored on one and the set the offense up inside the 5 on the other). I just can’t say enough of how well they played. D-Ware and Von Miller played their best games and were disrupting the pass game all day. Cam couldn’t get into any rhythm because he was constantly getting hit on each play. Also, I think it is time we say goodbye to one of the best men to ever throw a ball, Peyton Manning. No doubt in my mind he retires out on top this offseason. It will be tough for me as he was one of my favorite players growing up as a kid. Looking ahead, I think both Denver and Carolina will be favorites in the playoffs next season. Denver will re-sign Von Miller and hope to retain most of their defense. Carolina will take a step down from 15-1, but should still be in the 11+ win category if they bring back Josh Norman. Overall, it was a good season of football and I cannot wait for next fall.

2. Johnny Manziel Controversy

Tom: This kid needs so much help. I just read the report from his (I hope ex girlfriend). He needs to get help now. Ryan Leaf as everyone knows as a huge screw up said he needs help. Better listen buddy. He is not only going to kiss the NFL goodbye but it very well could be his life either locked up or worse.

Josh: Manziel honestly makes me sick. From one of the most exciting CFB players of all-time, to a bum in the NFL. Yes, he hates Cleveland and always has. Does that give him a reason for his off the field issues? People are willing to help, but he’s too stupid to get it. He is one of the biggest headcases in the NFL. What a waste of talent. I hope he never sees the field again. Honestly, who hits their girlfriend? I can’t believe I was a fan of you at some point.

3. Terrell Owens Misses HOF

Tom: It is definitely a shock. It seemed that this year might have been a make-up year with Harrison and Calvin Pace. Owens should have been a first ballot. There is not doubt in anyone that he won’t get inducted very soon. His tweet seemed pretty up-beat about the whole situation. Obviously it sucks however, he knows he is getting in. We will just have to wait another year, I guess.

Josh: I cannot believe this. T.O. is not a HOF???? All-time, he is 2nd in receiving yards, 6th in catches, and 3rd in receiving touchdowns, yet was not selected into the Hall Of Fame in his first year of eligibility. He is arguably one of the most athletic receivers of all-time. Now, everyone is asking why Marvin Harrison got in. I think they should both be in, so people shouldn’t take anything away from Harrison. I am just shocked at this. T.O. should be in next year, for sure.


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