Super Bowl Prediction

Denver Broncos vs Carolina Panthers

Number 1 defense vs Number 1 offense.

Peyton’s potential last ride vs Cam’s first dance

Why I Would Pick Denver:

The defense is spectacular. The Broncos in my opinion have four starting OLBs. Their depth is insane on that front seven. Peyton obviously has been studying all day and night for this game. He is going to know what the Panthers are going to do on every formation and route they show. Peyton will have the thirst for going out on top as will Demarcus Ware. Von Miller is looking for a big pay day and a huge Super Bowl day will only help that. The only thing lacking is the run game. I do not think the Broncos will be able to lean on that, but it could be opened with some short dumpoffs, screens, and short passes. If the Broncos can keep the game manageable with short fields and get pressure on Cam. I think the game is theirs.

Why I Would Pick Carolina:

All year they proved they were the best. They have pretty much dominated (at least a half) every playoff game. They can create turnovers and Kuechly is a huge key. He is the best cover linebacker in the game right now. Cam has the big play potential every snap. Cam has been getting results with a very lacking receiver core. These guys are hungry to prove they are the best. The only thing holding them back is Cam’s completion percentage and lack of experience.

My Gut Feeling:

Peyton wants so bad to go out on top. Broncos by a touchdown.

My Researched Opinion:

The Panthers are on a tear. Panthers by two touchdowns.

My Final Prediction:

Broncos 24-20


50% Peyton Manning predicted stats: 24/38, 259 yds, 2 tds, 1 int

40% Demarcus Ware predicted stats: 6 tackles, 3.5 for loss, 2 sacks, 1 forced fumble

10% Brandon McManus predicted stats: 3/3 XP 1/1 54 yards, 1/1 59 yds


What are your thoughts?

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