Weekly Round-Up – Jan. 31st, 2016

1. Biggest Risers/Fallers from the Senior Bowl

Tom: I think Braxton Miller really improved his stock. After only playing one year at receiver he has pushed himself into the first round with a great display of speed, quickness, and athleticism. I think Shawn Oakman also made a few bucks with his play. Many believe him to be a project, which he still may be. However, he can make an impact right away.

Josh: Outside of Carson Wentz who is the most obvious player here, I was really impressed with Noah Spence. After playing at Ohio State and moving to Eastern Kentucky, this player dominated at both schools. At the Senior Bowl, there was no doubt he was the best player on the field. I see Spence playing either defensive end or an edge rushing outside linebacker in the NFL. Spence proved to be a top 15 pick come the draft. One player that hurt his stock was Shawn Oakman. His size doesn’t show much of a translation to the NFL. With his lean lower half of his body, it makes me question his ability to stop the run in the NFL.

2. Pro Bowl Thoughts

Tom: Did not watch it…. Looked at some stats…. I kind of loses the meaning when half the actual pro bowlers call in sick and you have half the league getting a call asking if they are “healthy”. Sure it would be fun for a rookie or a retiring vet. At the end of the day the NFL needs to keep the accolades and get rid of the game.

Josh: I don’t know if I want to talk about the actual game played or the game in general. Either way, both are unimportant. The Pro Bowl has been a joke for years now (I mean, Teddy Bridgewater was there….). It is literally the biggest waste of time. Defensively, you can’t do anything. What is the point of even keeping score? I think I saw a video of OBJ playing safety? I can’t. Just replace it with a skills challenge or something in Hawaii. Or nothing. I don’t care, because I probably won’t watch it.

3. Rams Relocation/Chargers Staying/Raiders Options

Tom: I just do not believe that L.A. is a football city. Sure they pack the stands for basketball but that has been a huge part of the city for some time and also for almost every celebrity. We will see if it works. I like the Chargers decision not to play second fiddle to the Rams in L.A. I would love to see them move to San Antonio or Oklahoma City where a fan base will actually show up to games. I think the Raiders are stuck for now. They badly need to improve their showcase on the field (which i felt they did this year) and then worry about where they play. Although it would be nice for them not to split with a baseball team.

Josh: At one point, I think ESPN tweeted that the Chargers were moving to LA, then they replied to themselves saying they weren’t, so I was confused. I like the idea of LA getting a team, but do they really need two? If the Chargers don’t like San Diego, there are several other cities that would be willing to host an NFL team. I know money is a big issue, so this might lead the Chargers to LA because they could share a stadium. Either way, I hope to see the Chargers stay put in San Diego. If they do make a move, I hope they choose the powder blue as their color.



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