Tom’s Championship Weekend Picks

Arizona at Panthers

I think this game comes down to how effective Arizona can keep Cam guessing. They are one of the better teams in switching up their looks and not showing blitz until the last second. If Cam can recognize this he will have a hay day with either running for the first or finding the open guy. This is the game that not having Tryann could really hurt the Cardinals. Another key is Arizona’s run game. It didn’t have much juice against the Packers and the Packers aren’t known for their rush defense. If Zona can get DJ going this game should take shape on the Cardinals side.

Arizona 24 Panthers 21 OT

Patriots at Broncos

The big Brady v Manning. Wouldn’t it be a lot more fun if it was Osweiler v Garoppolo. The Patriots are pretty beat up right now and I was thinking, does the mile high city increase some injury concerns, hmmmm. Manning seemed like he couldn’t really get a touch on the ball, but they won. I wonder if the Broncos two qb this game. That would be a hell of an idea. Let Osweiler start and get going. If it gets to high pressure situations toss in Manning, give him a mic and let him talk to Brock all game. It probably wont happen but still I can dream. I am thinking it comes down to time of possession honestly. Whoever can keep the chains moving wins this so I am flipping a coin for my pick and yes I will actually flip it. Heads=Mr Forehead Tails=I can’t think of something funny so Pats are tails.

Broncos 17 Patriots 16


What are your thoughts?

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