NFL Coaching Carousel

Here are my head coach hiring grades. A year after going with all defensive coaches the NFL decides to go all offensive coaches. Only one team who made a head coaching change made the playoffs and that was the Broncos.

49ers Hire Chip Kelly Incomplete

There is not enough information on Chip Kelly to properly grade this move. He had one stint after a successful college run. If he continues to coach and try to run a team like he did with the Eagles then the grade is a big fat F. If he changes his ways and realizes some players are worth more than three dollars then I could see the grade being a C+. He does have a lot of work to do with the ‘9ers so he isn’t in the best situation. Only time will tell.

Browns Hire Hue Jackson B+

The reason this grade isn’t higher is because it is the Browns. They go through head coaches like quarterbacks. I believed that their current head coach should have been retained but what do I know. Hue Jackson has coached all over and after his one year stint in Oakland went to the Bengals where he stayed for four years. I think he has enough knowledge and experience to get the Browns to be a respectable team in two years, if he is retained that long.

Dolphins Hire Adam Gase C-

Lions QB coach 2007, Denver QB coach 2011-12, Denver OC 2013-14, Chicago OC 2015. So he coached an aging Jon Kitna, Tim Tebow, The guy that knew everything already, and he caught Jay Cutler on a good year. I do not really see the hype behind him. He has to create a new environment at a place where the only requirement is an ego bigger than T.O. and where recently they gave up on the field. He has his work cut out for him. The lone bright spot is that his offense is pass heavy so Tannenhil might break out.

Titans Hire Mike Mularkey F

Why? Granted they are not the most talented team but they had a rookie QB that did fairly well. He has a 18-39 record. I have no idea what the Titans are thinking. I get the idea of continuity but still he’s terrible. Almost all the other hirings and candidates would be better than him, maybe even Rob Ryan?!?!

Giants Hire Ben McAdoo C

There isn’t much on this guy really. He called the plays the last two years for the Giants. So there shouldn’t be much change offensively. The offense hasn’t really been a problem with the Giants its been the padded dummies they toss out on defense, especially at linebacker. The grade fits. Its average

Eagles Hire Doug Pederson C

He has familiarity with Eagles both as a player and coach. His offensive play calling with the Chiefs has me interested. Alex Smith is either underrated or the play calling has just been perfect. I’m leaning toward Smith underrated. Philly is a train wreck after Chip. Doug has a bunch of work to do, starting with reteaching the players that head coaches are good and should be listened to.


What are your thoughts?

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