Weekly Round-Up – Jan 17th, 2016

1. Divisional Round. What a round of football! All the games were way close and had plenty of drama. We had the Patriots over the Chiefs, Broncos over the Steelers, Panthers over the Seahawks, and the Cardinals over the Packers. Here are our thoughts on the outcomes:

Tom: When was the last time we had both 1-2 seeds in both championship games? 2004? So far this playoff I am 5-3. Not too bad considering I never guessed only 1 and 2’s would remain. I am excited for the championship matchups. All of the teams have some injury questions along with can their QB get it done question. Peyton and Tom and old and have their whole rivalry. Cam is young and hasn’t been here before. Carson is old and hasn’t been here before. It should be a good weekend of football coming to us. Look for my picks later in the week. 

Josh: Just like the Wild Card weekend, the Divisional round only got better. We kicked off with Brady handling the Chiefs at home and cruising to yet another AFC Championship game appearance. Saturday night, the Cardinals and Packers played in one of the greatest games I have ever witnessed. Aaron Rodgers led his team, with a receiving corp that even I could start on, down the field against one of the NFL’s best defenses in their house. Rodgers proved he is easily one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL right now and one of the most skilled of all time. It was unfortunate that he didn’t get a chance to win the game in OT, but the Cardinals moved on. On Sunday, the Panthers played amazing in the first half, but horrendous in the second half. For Seattle, vise versa. Either way, the Panthers advanced. The Broncos took on the beat-up Steelers and finally scored a touchdown in the fourth quarter and won the game. Looking ahead, the Patriots look like the early favorites in the AFC, while the Cardinals and Panthers are even. Either way, I picked all four games correctly and I cannot wait for the Conference Championships!


2. Vontaze Burfict


Tom: There is no place for people like this in the NFL. He deserves every second of this suspension and more. If you are deliberately trying to hurt people then get out, just leave and do not ever come back. My thoughts are the same of OBJ. Yes there are big hits that is part of the game, but when you target players and attempt to injure them you aren’t only hurting them for this game but the next you could put their lively hood at stake. The Bengals should release him and every NFL team should watch him go by their team on the waiver.

Josh: Unlikely for Burfict, he will be out the first three games of next season. While watching the game, I really didn’t think it would be a penalty. After watching the replay, it CLEARLY wasn’t a penalty. Burfict didn’t even touch him with his head! The league is very strict on helmet to helmet hits, and Burfict didn’t use his head. I understand the need for player safety, so maybe the rule should be changed to not hits to the head with any part of the body. The rule should be changed and Burfict shouldn’t be punished.

3. Carson Wentz Rising Up Draft Boards

Tom: I have seen multiple placed that Carson is a top 3 qb even the top qb prospect. With this league being a qb-starved as it is, I will not be surprised if Wentz, Lynch, and Goff are gone by ten. I could even see another name squeaking in. Carson was under-recruited because of where he played and he was under-the-radar for NDSU because of where he played again. He is a big athletic quarterback. He can make the throws and has great awareness. I am leaning as him being my top qb for this draft as of right now.

Josh: In the league today, Joe Flacco, Tony Romo, and Ryan Fitzpatrick are notable players that played in the FCS.  Of these players combined, they have one Super Bowl win. I was initially shocked when I saw Wentz as an early second round selection. Today, I am still questioning it. As a FCS quarterback, he dominated. How well does that translate to the NFL? He has good size with a strong arm. Still, is he better than Paxton Lynch or Connor Cook? On my board, he is the #4 QB. It would be very risky to take Wentz anywhere near the top 10 and I don’t see it happening or working out.


What are your thoughts?

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