Weekly Round-Up – Jan. 10th, 2016

Here is our inaugural installment of The Bell. On a weekly basis, Every week we will highlight prominent stories. This week we highlight Calvin Johnson, Coaches, and the wildcard games.

1. Calvin Johnson is reportedly considering retirement.


per Dave Birkett Calvin’s Statement

Josh: Following my first look at this story, I was very shocked about “Megatron” even considering retirement at this stage of his career. Given he has had several injuries throughout his career, he is still 30 years old with several good seasons ahead of him. I truly do not believe he retire. Is he really going to exit his career like this? Calvin, next to Randy Moss, is the most athletic receiver to play the game. He should not cut it short. One idea I do get out of this story is that Calvin is trying to escape from Detroit (and I do not blame him one bit).

Tom: This is both really surprising and not a surprise to me. With Borland retiring last year after dominance it spurred the conversation if more NFL players would retire early. I understand where Calvin is coming from contemplating this, he and the next few generations of his family should be set for life and he might as well go out on top regarded as at least one of the best receivers. 

2.  Wildcard Weekend Reaction

Josh: Wow was that a crazy weekend of football?!? All 4 road teams won! While I only predicted 2 of the 4 games correctly, I still had a good time watching these games. The Chiefs extended their winning streak t0 11, the Packers (and Aaron Rodgers) got back on track, the Steelers winning off two defensive penalties in the final minute, and the Vikings giving away a 4th quarter lead at home and missing a chip-shot field goal. Going ahead, it looks as if the Chiefs will give Tom Brady a run for his money and the Seahawks get a rematch against Cam and the 15-1 Panthers. Can all 4 road teams come away with victories again?

Tom: The AFC pretty much happened how I expected. The NFC was a completely different story. The first game was insane, defensively. The second game started off looking like packers were done with two minutes played in the game, but Rodgers took charge, made actually good play calls by going no huddle, and won. I cannot wait until next weekend to see what it brings.

3. Coaching vacancies and hirings

Josh: From this past week, I was most shocked about the firing of Tom Coughlin. How many coaches have 2 Super Bowls under their belt? The Colts and Saints retained their coaches, which wasn’t a surprise. The Browns fired their coach,again (and it won’t work out next year, again). I was very shocked that the Bucs fired Lovie Smith after a good turn around last year from their previous 2-14 season. The Dolphins scored on Adam Gase, who was previously the offensive coordinator for the Bears. I like this signing because Gase drastically improved Jay Cutler’s play when it seemed impossible. I think he will do the same for Tannehill. Also, after another playoff loss, will the Bengals part ways with coach Marvin Lewis? Watch out, more coaching changes are coming soon!

Tom: I read an article talking about Tom Landry and how if he coached today he wouldn’t have been Tom Landry. It took him six seasons to show actual results. Today he would have been fired halfway through season three. Anyway, I hate how a lot of the time teams just talk to known coaches for example Rex Ryan. Eagles and Giants flip flop coaches?!?!? At least Gase got some recognition. He has done pretty well with qbs however his run game is lacking and that means Lamar Miller IS GOING TO DALLAS! I will give my thoughts once all the coaching positions are filled.


What are your thoughts?

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